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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Literary criticism

Two directions in the newest italian literature (1899)

Writers-Ruthenians in Bukovina (1899)

Ukrainian writers in Bukovina (1900)

"On the main motives of Heine's creativity". Summary on the topic by Lesja Ukrainka read on the anniversary party of the 100 anniversary of Heine, the 23/03/1900. As her other topics formed the basis of relevant critical articles, one should think that this topic was written (at least concise). But the text is unknown. Presentation of the contents of the topic were published, including in the newspaper "Kiev word" of 25 March 1900 (article "Party in memory of Heine").

New prospects and the old shadows (1900)

Notes on the newest polish literature (1900)

"Michael Kramer". The latter drama by Gerhart Hauptmann (1901)

Article about the work of M. Konopnicka on occasion of her 60-year anniversary. The article was completed and submitted to the journal "Mir bozhyj" but was rejected, and the text has not been found. (1902)

An answer by Lesja Ukrainka to S. Efremov's article "In search of the new beauty". The article was rejected by journals "Kievska Starina" and "Mir bozhyj", and the text has not been found. (January – February 1903)

Vynnychenko (1905)

Utopia in belletristics (1906)