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Lesja Ukrainka

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Other works


History of ancient Oriental peoples. Compiled after Menard, Maspero and others by Lesja Ukrainka. The title set after the will of Lesja Ukrainka, expressed in letter to her sister Olga, the 14 Oct 1911 (1890)

Bibliographic works

Catalogue of Ukrainian translations from European literatures. Lesja Ukrainka worked on this catalogue since 1901; its plan was described in detail in her letter to her sister Olga (19 Sent 1911). The manuscript did not preserved. (1901 – 1911's)

Unfinished works

Four tales of the green noise (1889)

Regret. Related topics (1891)

[About cossacks] (1893)

Only son (1894)

[John Milton] (1895)

[Bazhaj's family] (1897)

Iphigenia in Taurida: dramatic poem in two acts (1898). This unfinished drama was first published in 1951 and for unknown reason not included in the edition of 1975 – 1979. It was mentioned in a letter by Lesja Ukrainka to her mother 21.1 (2.2) 1898. We'll post the work as soon attain the said publication.

Political regime (1898)

"If I knew that they have no escape…" (1898)

Memories on Nicholas Kovalevsky (The end of 1898)

"Here it is the desired equality…" (The end of 1899)

From the human persuasion (The end of 1899)

Memories of aunt Lucy (Beginning 1900)

[Dimna Hrachyha] (Beginning 1900)

The newest social drama (1901)

"The newest social drama". Summary of the speech by Lesja Ukrainka in Kiev literary and artistic society of 26 Sent 1901. It was different from the same name article.

European social drama in the late XIX century. (1901)

"Our life under Moscow tsars". The article under this title Lesja Ukrainka wrote in late 1902 – early 1903. The fate of manuscript is unknown. More…

Notes on the article "Politics and ethics" (1903)

[Darka and Juzja] (1905)

Error (1905)

"Eyes" (After 1906)

"And yet come!" (1906)

[About theatre] (1907)

Bondarivna (1907..1910's)

Interview (End 1900th)

Unnatural mother (End 1900th)

Turch and Armenian (End 1900th)

Utopia (End 1900th)

Perun (11 – 12 Apr 1910)

"Clean equal mirror of the sea…" (1911)

"… What a strange, strange that it is this happy country!.." (The end of 1911 – beg. 1912)

[Sappho] (1912..1913's)

"On Sunday morning she dug the grass…" (1913)

Ekbal-hanem (1913)

[On the outskirts of Alexandria living Greek family…] (1913)