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Dramatic works

Dramatic works

Light Blue Rose (1896)

Farewell (1896)

Iphigenia in Taurida (1898)

Possessed (1901)

In captivity (Babel's Captive, 1903)

On the ruins (1904)

Autumn Tale (1905)

Three minutes (1905)

In the catacombs (1905)

In work house, in the slavery country (1906)

Cassandra (1903 1907's)

Aisha and Mohammed (1907)

In forest (1897 1909's)

On the field of blood (1909)

Johanna Husa's wife (1909)

Rufin and Priscilla (1906 1910's)

Boyarynia (1910)

Forest Song (1911)

Lawyer Martian (1911)

The stone lord (1912)

Orpheus' miracle (1913)

Orgy (1913)

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