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Lesja Ukrainka

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House in Kiev (Saksagansky str., 115; 1910)

Building on Saksagansky str., 115 in…

Building on Saksagansky str., 115 in Kiev. On the photo – it is in the center

Two-storey mixed, overlaid with brick house was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. Please be aware that Kosach family rented accommodation in this building (lot number 3) since August 1909. Lesja Ukrainka arrived and stopped here in the apartment of her mother in early May 1910, returning from Egypt. At the end of this month she moved to Georgia to her husband.

In 1955 on building the Lesja Ukrainka's memorial plaque was installed, replaced in 1971 (architect V. Shevchenko). Though the house officially guarded as historical monuments, in the chest 1991 it was demolished and on the place, cleared away from the Ukrainian history, was built office of "Inco" bank. But modern Vandals in this place is not led. In 2002, bank "Inco" was abolished, and now in the building housed "Brokbiznesbank". Is it long?..

Photo by V. Galayba, 1980-ies [Fotomemoires: Kyiv, which is not. – K.: 2000]

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