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Lesja Ukrainka

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House in Kiev (Volodymyrska, 42; 1913)

General view - House on Volodymyrska…

House on Volodymyrska street, 42 in Kyiv, which was visited by Lesja Ukrainka. General view

Photo N.I.Zharkikh July 19, 2007.


House is located on the corner of Volodymyrska street and Zolotovorotsky passage. The original building was two-storey with basement built in mid-19 cent. in the style of late classicism. In 1880 – 1981 the building was added along the red lines of Volodymyrska street and Zolotovorotsky passage (architect V. Nikolayev). In 1931 was built second floor (from the Volodymyrska street – third) and attic (architect B. Tsetlin). In 1987 part of the court house dismantled in connection with the construction of the subway.

Since 1908 in this house was located Ukrainian club – literary and artistic organization that united prominent figures of Ukrainian culture. Constituent Assembly held on April 27, 1908, they attended the 94 founding members. Initiator and president of the club was composer M. Lysenko. Club was located in the basement floor (occupied eight rooms). The street door (along with present stairs) led directly to it. Almost half the lower floor occupied the main room, located under the arches. [Today in these rooms situated restaurant "Drova (Firewood)" – M.Zh.]

On both sides of the corridor in four spacious rooms were going to different sections of the club: the literary and dramatic, choral music, lecture, library. In 1911 the club was formed ethnographic art commission. This commission decided to make one room building in the Ukrainian national style to use it as an example of consumer ethnography. Also were active in the reading room, billiard room, snack bar.

Active participation in the club's activities were art historian D. Antonovich, archaeologist, art historian M. Biljashivsky, literary S.Efremov, writer O. Oles, O. Pchilka, Lesja Ukrainka, L. Janowska, actors M.Zankovetska, M. Sadowski, playwright L. Starytska-Chernyakhivska and others.

Please be aware that it was here, in the club "Rodyna", 4 (17) May 1913 held evening in honor of Lesja Ukrainka with the presence of poetess (she stayed in Kyiv from April 28 (11 May) to 12 (25) May 1913). Lesja Ukrainka read on the evening of some of her works, including poetry "Fires heralding dawn".

(By "The code of monuments of history and culture of Ukraine")

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