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Lesja Ukrainka

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Hotel Central in Lviv (1901)

Hotel Central in Lviv. General view

Hotel Central in Lviv (Svobody Avenue, 11), where stayed Lesja Ukrainka. General view

Photo M. I. Zharkikh Apr 4, 2012.

House number 11 on Svobody Avenue built in 1882 – 1884 by the architect E.Hall for the «Hôtel Central». House is well preserved as in the main volumes and in architectural detail. The 2nd floor is decorated with a frieze of griffins reliefs. In the photo we see both fronts of the corner building: on the left – in front of Doroshenka street, right – on Svobody avenue.

Lesja Ukrainka stayed here in April 1901 while travel to Chernivtsi (see her letter to the mother of 9 (22) April 1901, sent from the hotel).

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