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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Minsk (1900 – 1901's)

House on Kuybysheva street 10 in…

House on Kuybysheva street, 10 in Minsk,
built on the site of building where Lesja Ukrainka lived. General view

Photo by M.V. Haryshyn, 2004

Please be aware that Lesja Ukrainka visited Minsk three times: 6 – 9 (18 – 21) February 1900, between 2 (15) September and 22 September (October 5) in 1900 and from 7 (20) January to March 1901. A few days after the death of S. K. Merzhynsky (3 (16) March 1901) she returned to Kyiv.

Lesja Ukrainka came to Minsk to her friend Sergei Merzhynsky. In her last visit, she nursed him during his terminal illness. Address it at that time was – "Nareyko house on the corner of St. Michael and the Wide streets". In this building Merzhynsky rented apartment.

Home have not preserved to our time. In its place erected a modern multistory house, where mounted Lesja Ukrainka's memorial plaque.

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