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Lesja Ukrainka

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Shabo (1891)

The center of the village Shabo. Photo…

The center of the village Shabo

Photo early 20th cent. from the site

To the village Shabo (now – Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky district of Odessa region) Lesja Ukrainka arrived with her mother on August 7, 1891. They came from Evpatoria.

Here Lesja Ukrainka lived in the house of the Swiss colonist Elizabeth Tardan (we don’t know, what was this house, so we submit a photo of the village center). Komarov and Mykola Lysenko came here from Odessa to meet with Lesja Ukrainka. Here Lesja Ukrainka translated for M. P. Dragomanov fragment from the prophet Ezekiel’s book.

On September 8, 1891, Lesja Ukrainka left Shabo to Odessa.