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Lesja Ukrainka

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St. Petersburg (Tchaikovsky str., 62; 1905)

House on the Tchaikovsky street, 62 in…

House on the Tchaikovsky street, 62 in St. Petersburg

Photo from the Yandex panoramas (2019): . In the photo on the left – Tchaikovsky street, on the right – Potemkin street.

Lesja Ukrainka came to St. Petersburg from Kyiv October 11, 1905 to help sick sister Isidora. She stayed in the apartment of Maria Mykolayivna Kartashevska (62 Sergievskaya Street, corner of the Tauride Garden).

Lesja arrived just before the general railway strike, which began on October 12, and witnessed the revolutionary events in the capital.

On October 26, 1905, the sisters left St. Petersburg for Kyiv.

House on the Sergievskaya street (since 1923 – Tchaikovsky Street) 62 is now occupied by the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg University.