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Lesja Ukrainka

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Chernivtsi (Shevchenko, 83; 1901)

House in Chernivtsi on the Shevchenka…

House in Chernivtsi on the Shevchenka street, 83 (old address – Novyi Svit, 61)

Photos from Google panoramas (June 2012):

On April 13 (26), 1901, Lesja Ukrainka came to Chernivtsi from Lviv and stayed with her friend Olga Kobylyanska, who at that time lived on the Novyi Svit street, 61. During this visit was made photo Olga Kobylyanska with Lesja Ukrainka.

May 11 (28), 1901, they went to visiting Eugenia Julianivna Kobylyanska-Urytska.

On May 13 (25), 1901, they visited in the company of Osip Makovei on the western outskirts of Chernivtsi.

Approximately 14 – 15 (27 – 28) May 1901, they visited the priest Erotey Fedorovich in the .

On May 16 (29), 1901, they left for Kimpolung.

On June 14 (27), 1901, Lesja Ukrainka returned here from Kimpolung. The next day K. V. Kvitka came to her. He accompanied Lesja Ukrainka on her next trip to the mountains. On June 30 (July 13) they left for Burkuta.

On August 31 (September 13) Lesja Ukrainka returned here from Burkut, and on September 7 (20) 1901 together with K. V. Kvitka she left for Of Kyiv.

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