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Lesja Ukrainka

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Skulyn, Nechimne tract (1884?)

View of lake Nechimne (Nechimle) near…

View of lake Nechimne (Nechimle) near Skulyn

Photo by M. I. Zharkikh September 23, 2011.

According to Olga Kosach-Kryvyniuk memoirs, in the mid-1880s Olga Kosach with children – Michael, Lesja and Olga – traveled in the summer to Skulyn (a village, now Kovel district of Volyn region, 15 km from Kolodjazhne) and lived for three days in the house of uncle Leo, standing near lake Nechimne.

This visit had been etched in the memory of Lesja Ukrainka and reflected in the drama "Forest song», as seen in her letter to mother dated December 20, 1911.

3 records folk songs made by Lesja Ukrainka have the designation "Skulyn".

Since 1980, a state reserve of 40 hectares has been organized here, the «Forest song» Museum has been built.

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