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Lesja Ukrainka

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Polonne (1893)

Apartment building in Polonne

Apartment building on the Academician Gerasimchuk street, 148 in Polonne

Photo by the user Shvitlano July 9, 2009

At the beginning of June 1893, Lesja Ukrainka and her relatives left Kolodjazhne through Kyiv to Gadjach. Along the way, they stopped for a few days in Polonne by Lesja’s uncle Grigory Antonovich Kosach (younger brother of Lesja’s father).

The photo shows the house where G. A. Kosach lived. On its left corner is a plaque about Lesja Ukrainka’s stay here.

2 records of folk songs made by Lesja Ukrainka have the mark "Polonne".