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Lesja Ukrainka

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Telavi (1909 – 1910)

Apartment building on the Akhlediani…

Apartment building on the Akhlediani street, 14 in Telavi

Photo of 2015 from the site .

In early 1909, the Kvitka couple moved from Tbilisi to Telavi, where K. V. Kvitka was to serve. They rented an apartment in Amonashvili’s house (under the Soviets, 35 Karl Marx Street, now 14 Akhlediani Street). It should be noted that in Telava they changed several apartments.

Here Lesia Ukrainka finished dramatic poems «In the field of blood», «Johanna, Husa’s wife».

In early November 1909, Lesja Ukrainka and K. V. Kvitka left for Batumi to Egypt.

Lesja Ukrainka returned to Telavi in early June 1910. In mid-September 1910, Lesja Ukrainka and K. V. Kvitka moved to Kutaisi – to the new place of K. V. Kvitka’s service.