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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Kutaisi (1910 – 1913)

Panorama of the Rioni river in Kutaisi

Panorama of the Rioni river in Kutaisi

Postcard of the early 20th century:

K. V. Kvitka and Lesja Ukrainka moved to Kutaisi from Telavi at the end of September 1910, the move was conditioned by K. V. Kvitka’s new place of service. They rented an apartment in the Harbuzania’s house on the Tiflis street.

This house faces the central square of Kutaisi, and on the sides of it depart from the square the street Queen Tamara and Tbilisi. On both streets it has № 1. We do not have a photo of this house, so we give a general view of Kutaisi in the early 20th century.

In January 1911 Lesia Ukrainka left Kutaisi for Egypt (January 14, 1911 – in Batumi, January 21 (February 3) – in Istanbul, January 24 (February 6) – in Helwan).

Lesja Ukrainka returned from Egypt (with a stay of 1 month in Kyiv) on June 2, 1911. Since then, she and her husband lived on the Kozakovskaya street in Kozakova’s house. Under the Soviets, this house had the address Miho Tchakaya str., 9; its current address is unknown to us.

At this time (in July 1911) Lesja Ukrainka wrote a drama "Forest Song».

K. V. Kvitka was appointed to serve in the town Khoni, and on September 5, 1911 the couple moved there. In Khoni they lived in Parukhaladze’s house. We don’t have any photos of this town yet.

Here Lesja Ukrainka wrote a dramatic poem «Lawyer Martian».

On January 21, 1912, the Kvitka couple returned to Kutaisi. They lived in Dzhayanovsky lane in Chheidze’s house, and from March 1, 1912, in Jayani’s house. M. O. Moroz wrote that this is the Lesja Ukrainka’s street, 8 and 2 [Moroz M. O. Chronicle of the life and work of Lesja Ukrainka. – К.: 1992 р., № 2637, 2645], but now there is no such street in Kutaisi.

Here, in April 1912, Lesja Ukrainka wrote the drama "The stone lord", In July – the poem "Isolde white-handed".

On October 18, 1912, Lesja Ukrainka left Kutaisi for Batumi to further travel through Odessa to Egypt.

She returned from Egypt on May 18, 1913. At that time, the Kvitka couple was renting an apartment in the Kikodze’s house in Dzhayanovsky lane. [Moroz M. O. Chronicle of the life and work of Lesja Ukrainka. – Kyiv: 1992, № 2776 provides the address – Lesja Ukrainka’s str., 10].

At this time, Lesja Ukrainka wrote a story "Ekbal-ghanem».

On July 9, 1913, Lesja Ukrainka, accompanied by her husband, mother and sister Isidora, left for Surami. This move was the last in her life.