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Searching of the new beauty

Sergey Efremov

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Title page of the separate print of…

Title page of the separate print of the article (1902)

Origin of the symbolism and decadence

Creativity of G.Khotkevych

Creativity of Olga Kobyljanska

O. Kobyljanska's attitude to life

Creativity of Natalia Kobrynska and Katrja Grynevych

Almanac "Living strings"

The danger of symbolism for the Ukrainian literature

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This article was printed in the journal «Kievskaja starina (Kyiv antiquity)» (1902, № 10, p. 100 – 140, № 11, p. 235 – 282, № 12, p. 394 – 419.

In our web-reprint we assign titles for the sections of article (originally them have only roman numbering).