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Lesja Ukrainka

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Thinking and dreams

Lesja Ukrainka

The second collection of rhymes by Lesja Ukrainka "Thinking and dreams" was published in Lviv in 1899. In its edition participated V. Gnatjuk.

The collection consists of poems "Old Tale" (1893), "Robert Bruce, King of Scotland" (1893) and poems, written in 1890's.



"Night was dark and quiet"

"Do not sing me this songs…"

"Burn my heart, it lit…"

"Again and again the spring and hope…"

"I looked at the bright stars…"

"I stood and listened to spring…"

"I wish I could be a song…"


To Muse

"It was a quiet night fairy…"

Old Spring

"In black cloud gathered my longing…"

Slave Songs


"And yet you thought to flying…"

To enemies

Midnight thinking

To the friends

Poet during the siege

To friend in remembrance


Minute of desperation

"Oh, I know a lot time flies…"

Angel of vengeance

Fiat nox!

In everlasting memory of leaves, burned by the friend's hand in uncertain times

"Word, why do not a hard steel…"


Jewish melody

Ave regina!

To be or not to be? ..

[German autotranslation]

In years gone

"I know, yes, this ghost is sick…"

[1st version]

"Grief and headache envelope me tight…"

To a friend

"As a child, so it was…"


Crimean repercussions


Excerpts from letter

Oriental melody


Winter night in exile

Iphigenia in Taurida

Spring at the winter

"Unfinished conversation breaks…"

In the wilderness

On the centenary of ukrainian literature

Dawn poetry


Forgotten shadow

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