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Lesja Ukrainka

In this section presented in chronological order Lesja Ukrainka's poetry published since 1902 in various editions (mostly periodic) and published after the death of the poetess from her autographs. The vast majority of unpublished rhymes by Lesja Ukrainka was printed from autographs during the 1945 1947 and then was collected in the book: Lesja Ukrainka. Unpublished works. Lviv, "Vilna Ukraina" publisher, 1947.

1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889

1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899

1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909

1910 1911 1912 1913

After the titles of rhymes in the list their dates indicated in brackets : [day.month] a specific date in the autograph; [first print] the date of the first print, [tentative] the date on the basis of research. No detail is given, if applicable autograph only a year (no day or month).



"I once wandered around the native land" [tentative]


"Why is sometimes like sit down to work" [first print, 15.02]

Querulous march [February]


"I send to you this little leaf" [tentative March]

"I look at the death of nature"

"In truth, brethren, unite sincerely" [tentative]


Cherries [first print, July]

Question [To 3.11]

Response [To 3.11]


In tune with Mickiewicz [tentative 1893..1894 years]


"When these issues have affected"


Prophetic patriot dream [To 9.05]

In memory 31st July 1895 [After 31.07]

God's spark [first print, August]

Slavus sclavus [first print, August]

To brother and sister in remembrance [5.12]


"Do not blame the word I gave" [2.02]

"Your blood ruby precious" [2.02]

"So I lived the whole winter long" [25.04]

"You, girl with broken life, play!" [tentative]


Rachel's Curse [tentative]


"How I love these hours of work" [19.10]

Impromptu [tentative]

"I looked at you and at that moment[tentative 1898 .. 1899 years]


"Often say: "bright stars" [18.07]

"Your letters always smelling with withered roses" [7.11]

"Everything is going, shall flow to you" [16.11]

"I wish I were you, like ivy, hug" [16.11]

"Tell me, dear, where my tears disappear?" [16.11]

"I have seen you bend down" [18.11]

"Maybe a miracle will happen in the second time" [18.11]

"Do you remember when I said" [30.11]


"Lips say: "He died for ever!" [7.06]

"You're not wanted to take me" [7.06]

"Flowers flowers flowers as much as possible" [7.06]

Princess [20.06]

Guelder rose [20.06]

"Distant dream, a past dream" [10.08]

"Oh I shooted, cut down with the words" [17.12]


"You would like flowers on my way?" [23.02]

"Where those strings, where a powerful voice" [24.05]

"No, you shall not die, only bury the luck" [27.06]

Autumn songs [July]

1. To Lady L. W. [27.06]

2. Autumn

3. Last flowers

4. Lamentations of Jeremiah

"Autumn crying, autumn singing" [30.06]

Niobeya [30.06]

"Who will give my eyes the tears flow?" [1.07]

"Waves flash out with sparkles" [8.11]

On Zemmering [16.11]

"Do not hit the cold" [tentative]


Smoke [21.01]

"Above the stars shine so bright" [24.04]

Prisoner [January..April]

"It was at the time of the holy Hermandad" [tentative]


"I knew that would be tears, anguish" [3.02]

Jephthah's daughter [4.02]

Memories from Evpatoria [27.07]

"My dear to me go! I stay self" [14.08]

"People are afraid of the cemetery at night" [15.08]

"Wherever not look, dry fogs sprawl" [15.08]

The inscription in ruins [28.08]

Israel in Egypt [28.08]

"When looking deep into the sweet eyes" [2.09]

"And once you have fought like Israel" [10.09]

"Oh, I do not bark, dear, with dreams of glory" [2.11]

"Oh no gold thorns disappeared" [2.11]

Eppur ti tradiro [tentative]


Songs from the cemetery [30.04]

Songs of freedom

1. "Here they go. Banners they have" [1.07]

2. "Why Marsel's song hear? [1.07]

3. "Nahayechka, nahayechka! "- Singing at last" [1.07]

"Dream, do not betray!" [3.08]

"Get drunk at feasts of bloody" [7.08]

"That night, awakened thoughts" [3.12]

Graf von Einsidel [tentative]


Tale of the Oh-magician [7.03]

Funny mister [7.03]

Practical mister [7.03]

Mister policies [7.03]

Mister people-lover [7.03]

Fairy-tale land of the king of Pea [7.03]

Legend [before 8.03]

"Quiet evening reverie" [21.06]

Prophet [11.11]

Women's portrait [27.11]

"That will not quickly Is to be, or not?" [2.12]

"Oh, in Paradise, in Paradise, near the Danube" [tentative 1905..1906 years]

"In a cold night lonely traveller" [tentative]

Légende des siécles [tentative]


"Behind mountain lightning" [27.08]

The people to the Prophet [3.12]


Wave [8.07]

Polar night [tentative]


Chimeras of Muse [10.07]


Spring in Egypt

1. Khamsin [5.04]

2. Breath of the desert [5.04]

3. Afra [6.04]

4. Gusty night [9.04]

5. The message from the north [10.04]

6. Mystery gift

Dream [7.04]


From the traveler book

1. Pontos Axeinos [16.01]

2. In the Fog [17.01]

3. Parked [17.01]

4. Dreams in a storm [20.01]

5. Land! Land! [21.01]

6. Epilogue [21.01]

"Who told you that I am weak" [Late January]

On the anniversary [8.03]



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