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Lesja Ukrainka

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On the wings of songs

Lesja Ukrainka

The first collection of rhymes by Lesja Ukrainka "On the wings of songs" was published in Lviv in early 1893. In the publication directly participated Ivan Franko. Lesja Ukrainka sent to him parts of the collection manuscript, he took care of compiling the book in the printing house of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. The part of typographical manuscript preserved in the library of Society.

The collection consists of rhymes, written in 1880th, and early poems, "Samson" (1888), "Lunar legend" (1891 – 92), "The Mermaid" (1885).

Table of content

Seven strings

Do (Gimn. Grave)

Re (Song. Brioso)

Mi (Lullaby. Arpeggio)

Fa (Sonnet)

[First version]

Sol (Rondeau)

La (Nocturno)

Si (Settina)

Starry sky

"The stars, the eyes of the spring night!"

"I have a single star…"

"My dear star drop into the heart of me…"

"I am an experienced sadness, in trouble…"

"In heaven moon rised sad…"

Lily of the valley

Early spring

Contra spem spero!

"When I get tired with daily life…"

My way



Broken glass


"If grief comes…"


To my piano

Fires heralding dawn

In the flower shop



"Dear land! my beloved country! "

"Ukraine! crying with tears over you… "

"All our tears will fall with ardent longing…"


Midsummer Night's Dream


On the anniversary of Shevchenko

"Everywhere mourning and lamentation, and weeping…"

To the nature



In ancient motif


In a way

Last Song of Mary Stuart

Journey to the sea

"Farewell, Volyn…"

"Next, all on!"

"Beauty of Ukraine, Podollya!"

"Sun arose, awakened clear…"

"Great city. High buildings… "

"Further, further from the stuffy city!"

"Oh the sun high in the bright sky was…"

"Already the sun in the sea set…"

"The end of travel…"

Crimean memories

Introductory song

1. Silence of the sea

2. Play my song!..

3. Sleepless night

4. In the boat

5. Storm

6. Merdven

7. Baydary

8. Tatar girl

9. Bakhchisarai

10. Bakhchisarai palace

11. Bakhchisarai tomb

12. Nadson's home in Yalta

In the children's circle

"The green hillock…"

"Glorious summer passed…"

"Mom, winter is coming…"

"Rejoice, my child, yet little…"

Spring song

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