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Lesja Ukrainka

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New Lesja Ukrainka’s memorable place

The Ascension church in Kyiv (1907) The gallery of Lesja Ukrainka’s memorable places is replenished with photo Ascension church in Kyiv (1907).

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New document of Lesja Ukrainka

1907 Metric account The gallery of Lesja Ukrainka’s documents is replenished with metric account on marriage (1907).

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New postcard by Lesja Ukrainka

Postcard to I. Franko, 1901 The gallery of Lesja Ukrainka’s authographes is replenished with postcard to I. Franko, 1901.

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New monument to Lesja Ukrainka

2017, Telavi The gallery of monuments to Lesja Ukrainka is replenished with photo of monument in Telavi (20177).

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New responsible design

The new responsible design is now applied on the site. It is optimized for mobile devices browsing.

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Annual report

Annual report 2018 is published.

Annual report of the website «Lesja Ukrainka» for the 2018 year – 1 219 thousands visitors.

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