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Lesja Ukrainka

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Annual report 2011

Statistical data in the report presented on the basis of web server and CMS Smereka statistics. Usage of Google analytics data noted separately.

Site volume

Nodes 2518
Attributes 18011
Data size 16.62 Mb
Files 485
Files size 9.97 Mb
Digital sheets 444.24

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Dynamics of attendance by years

Dynamics of attendance site «Lesja…

Dynamics of attendance in the 2011 year

Dynamics of attendance of site «Lesja…

There are total 520 538 visitors during year

The most successful month of the 2011 year – March

Dynamics of attendance of site «Lesja…

Traffic sources

Traffic sources for site «Lesja…

According to Google analytics

Distribution of visitors by countries

2.(not set)9.48%
5.United States0.15%
6.United Kingdom0.06%

According to Google analytics

10 most requested documents

Gallery 761
News 630
Thinking and dreams 621
Dramatic works 580
Rhymes 543
On the wings of songs 528
Guide 524
Prose 506
Translations 490
Rhymes out of collections 455

10 most requested search expression

леся українка вірші18351
вірші лесі українки14717
contra spem spero8889
Леся Українка7094
леся українка contra spem spero3167
Вірш Лесі Українки1703
леся українка фото1545
давня казка1322
леся украинка1156