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Annual report 2015

Statistical data in the report presented on the basis of web server and CMS Smereka statistics. Usage of Google analytics date noted separately.

Site volume

Nodes 2917
Attributes 21496
Data size 23.06 Mb
Files 807
Files size 34.11 Mb
Digital sheets 623.97

[The number of digital sheets] = [number of nodes] / 1000 + [number of attributes] / 10000 + [Total volume of all attributes in bytes] / 40000 + [Total volume of files in MB] / 2.5


Dynamics of attendance by years

Dynamics of attendance site Lesja Ukrainka by years

Dynamics of attendance in the 2015 year

Dynamics of attendance of site Lesja Ukrainka in the 2015 year

There are total 960 404 visitors during year

The most successful month of the 2015 year March

Dynamics of attendance of site Lesja Ukrainka in March 2015

Distribution of visitors by countries

5.(not set)1.16%

According to Google analytics

Most requested documents

Encyclopedia of the life and works of Lesja Ukrainka 14472
House in Novograd-Volynsky (1871 1873's) 7999
Dramatic works 5764
Guide 5628
News 5036
Poems 4443
Gallery 4249
Publicistics 4201
Over the collections 4126
Rhymes 4064
Literary criticism 3647
Prose 3439
Other works 3420
The forest song 3089
Lesja Ukrainka's correspondence 3072
On the wings of songs 3070
Memorable places 3068
Folklore records 3023
The babylonian captivity 2990

Number of downloads for all time of site work

10 most requested search expression

contra spem spero 4491
contra spem spero 3345
contra spem spero 2353

For all 2015

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