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Annual report 2020

Statistical data in the report presented on the basis of web server and CMS Smereka statistics. Usage of Google analytics data noted separately.

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Dynamics of attendance by years

Dynamics of attendance site «Lesja…

Dynamics of attendance in the 2020 year

Dynamics of attendance of site «Lesja…

There are total 1 749 791 visitors during year

The most successful month of the 2020 year – April

Dynamics of attendance of site «Lesja…

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Most requested documents

Encyclopedia of the life and works of Lesja Ukrainka 22673
Guide 12062
The forest song 10732
House in Novograd-Volynsky (1871 – 1873's) 9706
News 8956
Dramatic works 8301
Poems 7230
Rhymes 6964
Gallery 6729
Publicistics 6617

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